Writing Update

My current plan seems to be to write a short story/novella and then to rewrite an old story. So far, it has worked pretty well.

“Sound of the Dream” was sold to a small press anthology and was one of the older stories rewritten.

“Bat Country” is being editing by Michael. Both Lisa and Michael have really responded well to this short story/novella.

I researched the ownership of the “Art of the Deal” and discovered that Aberrations did buy the story, but then promptly folded. According to the contract I have, they owned the firsts to publish the story for two years, which would have ended in 2000 or so. That means that it belongs to me again. I’ve started editing and rewriting as I’ve made a big break through recently and I think I can dramatically improve the quality of the story. Camarilla junkies will mock me if they ever look at it because this is the story where I first created the names Jacob Heller and Miles the Minor Demon. I think this story is interesting, but rated PG, so should work for a couple of different magazines that I’ve been wanting to try.

I think that my next story might be “. . .You Get What You Need.” The concept of this story is that a food critic hears a rumor about the best restaurant in town. He’s surprise he’s never heard of it and hears lots of wonderful things about it. He finally manages to go there and discovers that this place has no menu. The chef comes out and meets you and then makes you the meal that you need. Eating the meals is a strange sensory experience where you relive past experiences. Kind of a mystical therapy meal.

Lisa really dislikes this idea. I really value her opinion. She’s often correct when it comes to my writing. This might be one of those darlings like “the Pit Stop War” where the idea is better than the form. Still, I have a lot of experiences I’m feeling the urge to write about so I might just put this to paper and then hide it somewhere.

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