Hmmm…I really like the look of Red Scream. They were one of the magazines that rejected Sound of the Dream. Granted, it was a nice rejection, but still. The only story I have that would really fit this category would be 15 Inches. Having written that years ago, I can only look at it indirectly as it’s not very good. It was published in Nasty Snips, but I could do an edit.

There is one more I had thought of called “An Arm and a Leg…”

Here’s a snippet:

Fiction: Up to 4000 words but 3000 or under has the best chance of getting accepted and published quickly. Over the edge, black as your asshole in the middle of a moonless night horror. Twisted experimental (if we are afraid to reject it because we seriously believe you will come and kill us, you’ve done well). Disturbing erotic (if it gives us a hard-on and the dry heaves, you’re in.) RTF attachments only. If you do not our fiction editor will come after you with an axe (incidentally his weapon of choice). Include contact information and word count on the first page. Response time – up to 4 weeks. Send a follow up if you haven’t heard from us after 3 years. No just kidding. Query after 4 weeks.

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