Whatever I’m doing differently, I really hope it doesn’t stop. Ideas and images are going to me at a frightening pace.

I’m considering rewriting an old story of mine called the Art of the Deal. It was published by Abberations in one of their last issues. I know I could do so much for it now. And I really like the characters. Lisa is going to make fun of me because I used one of the character names for a roleplaying character, but I don’t care.

I’ve outlined the Hunter S Thompson Versus Dracula story. I think I even have a crossover with another old story called “the Last Message.” This story really needs a rewrite, but I think I can sell it.

I even figured out how to do a novella with the Zhongstan. As some of my long time readers, hey Michael [I figure he’s the only one here], will know this was the family of vampires I made up from New Orleans. I figure New Oreleans is the tourist stop for vampires.

And speaking of the characters from the Art of the Deal, I came up with a new case for them. They are hired to find a demon named Bathazar, who will do some really bad things shortly. The twist is that Bathazar is the demon version of John Smith and they have to run ragged before coming upon the right Bathazar.

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