Review of work to date:

I have the following stories out in the markets looking for homes:

“Freedom’s Just another Word” [Star Trek anthology entry]
“All That Jazz” [Star Trek anthology entry]
“The Girl in the Window” [Dark Fantasy]
“The Sound of the Dream” [Erotic Dark Fantasy]

Pending Editing:
“Luck Stiff: Or How I Learned to Love After the Apocalypse.” [I know I found a zombie anthology to submit this one too, but I can’t find it now. If anyone knows of a good zombie home with a wacky zombie sense of humor, let me know.]

In Progress
“The Pit Stop War” [This story kind of died stillborn. I’m going to backburn it a while and see if I can reimagine the idea.]

“In US, God Trusts…” [This is a political horror/dystopian story ala the Twilight Zone.]

I wish Firefly or Farscape would come out with anthologies. I have a dozen good ideas for both of them.

I am filling my notebook with ideas for my novel Abigail’s Dragon. After my vacation, I’m going to hop to this one.

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