Another entry for the Star Trek contest

I wrote this during lunch on my break based on Michael’s idea.

Freedom’s just another word”

Tasha allowed herself a moment to cry and get the pain out. Once Captain Picard told her that these feelings were natural and human and shouldn’t be taken as a sign a weakness. That said, she hated letting the Romulans see her cry.

Guinan revealed to her that in the real timeline she had died a senseless death, one without meaning. Data had assured her that there was no way the Enterprise C could survive the attack on Narendra III if they returned to their timeline. He was wrong. With Tasha’s experience, the Enterprise C had managed to make a spectacular showing, destroying two of the Romlan Warbirds before they lost main power. Castilleo was killed by one of the Romulan Boarding Parties. Tasha fought the good fight expecting to die. She didn’t expect to be captured.

The hull of Enterprise C was towed to Romulus as a victory prize. The fifteen survivors were marched through the streets in chains for the citizens of the capital. That was when the Tal Shir began what they referred to as the debriefing process. The Romulans eventually broke the other fourteen surviors. One of them managed to hang herself. Tasha wasn’t surprised. They were all born on Federation worlds and didn’t have the experiences she did escaping the anarchy and the rape gangs on Turkana IV. The Romulans might beat her to break her spirit, but she could see the loathing in their eyes. Most of them clearly didn’t want to be touching this human woman.

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