Shattered World Synopsis

This is the first draft short synopsis of a world and a plot for a fantasy novel or a cool fantasy campaign. If Michael decides to take over the Angel campaign, I might plan to run this.

The Shattered World
By Jason Andrew


A thousand years ago, an apocalypse virtually destroyed the world. The Great Barrier that protected the world from the demon dimensions shattered and Hell rained upon the world. Fire boiled the seas. Acid rain scorched the lands. Demons walked the earth freely.

To survive, the greatest wizards of the age created the Province Gems. These magical artifacts create massive mystical barriers that protect large land masses and mystically keep the environment intact. Humanity survived in isolated magical communities.

Travel between the Provinces was rare. It is said that the Magi could teleport to other Provinces, but many believe that is but a legend. The only commerce between the Provinces is between the Dragonships.

Crafted from the bones and flesh of slain dragons, these ships can travel the tainted lands with limited protection.

Each year it seems that the barriers fade just a little and the green fogs of the tainted lands come that much closer.


The Magi Prince of one of the Provinces has realized that the Province Gems are running out of power. In time, all of them will fade and humanity will be destroyed. It is his secret theory that he could recharge his own Province Gem by sacrificing another.

He gathers a group to steal the Province Gem of a nearby kingdom. Along the way, this group of adventures realize that there might be another, far riskier way to save everyone and perhaps restore the world.

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