This is a new teaser for a story I am working on. It’s creepy because it’s based on an article I read.

by Jason Andrew

“Tell us again about the Blue Lady, Ruthie,” the little girl named Lisa asked.

“She lives in the water, but she can hear her name, her secret name. She can only help you if you call it. If you and your friends on a corner on a street when a car comes shooting bullets and only one child yells out her true name, all will be safe. Even if bullets are tearing your skin, the Blue Lady makes them fall on the ground. But if you call her without need, then Mr. Bang comes,” Ruthie explained.

Ruthie was a ten-year old, mulatto girl. She was the smartest kid in the shelter, and in some cases their leader. Elisabeth Wellington pretended to sleep across the room, but was secretly spellbound by the conversation. The kids section of the shelter always had an adult present to ward off sexual predators. Twice a month, Elisabeth slept overnight with the children as part of her work for her master’s degree. When the kids think that the adult is asleep, they pull out their flashlights and tell each other stories as though around a campfire. This time, Elisabeth came prepared and clicked her recorder on.

“I don’t believe you,” Laney, a seven year old african american girl retorted.

“I’ve seen her,” Andy, a five year old caucasian boy whispered.

A chorus of voices murmured their agreement. “The Blue Lady kept my mom from leaving the shelter. She cast out the demon in her and now she don’t smoke no crack,” Jessica, a Mexican girl, aged nine, revealed.

The children, Elisabeth noted, believe that demons can inhabit people during times of stress and make them do bad, violent things.

“What about Mr. Bang?” Laney asked, showing more fear than she intended.

“He’s a tall black man with a long black coat and a hoodie. He’s eyes are pure white and they give him away to the rich people. So wears dark sunglasses, even at night,” Ruthie explained. “He can kill anyone with just his long, bony finger. He shoots bullets. Even Satan fears him. Espcially now that he’s weak. That’s why they hate Seattle.”

“Why he hate Seattle?” Andy asked.

“Satan was driving around the wharf looking for places to feed his demons when he saw a girl alone. He went after her, but she knew the Blue Lady’s true name,” said Ruthie. “The Blue Lady came and help up her hand and the water washed over Satan. When the water touched him, his horns appeared and the water turned to blood. He’s weak now and can’t hide. That’s why Mr. Bang runs things.”

There were two rows of red metal bunk-beds in the center surrounded by painted children’s dresser set. The idea behind the room was to give the kids a sense of home and of a safe place. Some of it was useless. The kids were used to be having to leave at a moments notice and so everything they owned had to be put into a backpack. If a kid got something new, they had to get rid of something. The grey walls of the kid’s room were covered with crude pictured sketched in donated crayons. Now that Elizbeth has heard the stories, she could see the Blue Lady protecting children and Mr. Bang killing the saints and the sinners. “The imagnation of these children conquered these grey walls,” Elisabeth decided.

“Mr. Bang killed my big brother,” Andy said suddenly.

“What happened?” Lisa asked, horrified.

“Jeff was working at a gas station to pay rent,” Andy continued. “He wouldn’t sell beer to some kids so they beat him down. Possessed by demons. Mr. Bang came and pointed his finger right to his head.

Elizbeth was curious. Was it comforting and frightening to believe that outside spirits possessed people and made them do bad things? Was it easier to love parents that left them or abused them to think they had lost control?

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